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Julius is the CEO of the Google Ventures backed company DailyCred. DailyCred makes working with OAuth super duper simple.

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    Daylight Chart

    Check out this awesome chart of daylight by time of year and latitude.

    Big props to Thesevenseas for this creation.


    Lord of the Rings Visualization

    Check out this awesome visualization of the Lord of the Rings, along with a few other (less epic) moives. Hop on over to xkcd to see the full sized visualization.

    (Hey, xkcd, make this into a poster so I can hang it up on my wall!)



    Cell Phone Commoditization

    Check out this great piece in Forbes about how the cellphone market is quickly becoming commoditized
    (like all technology) and is finally starting to experience downward price pressure.


    Check out the full piece, The $10 Phone Bill here.


    The Gold Standard and The Great Depression

    Although he buried it after a lot of smug mockery of the WSJ, Krugman posted a nice infographic that shows how the world's major economies began to recover from the great depression. The implication is that the first economies to bounce back were the first to ignore the gold standard.



    Odd Man Out

    Here's a fun brain teaser courtesy of Tanya Khovanova’s Math Blog:

    Which shape below is the odd man out?


    Project Management Charts

    Tufte has an interesting discussion going on about project management charts and how they generally suck. Check out this beautiful illustration of how project management could look:

    Beautiful!  Just seeing this makes me want to work on this project!  Check out the full discussion here.


    Race & Online Dating

    ReadWriteWeb has an interesting analysis of response rates to messages for the online dating site OKCupid.

    A few interesting findings:

    • Black women had the hardest time getting a response to a message, even from black males.
    • Middle Eastern women had the easiest time getting a response to a message.
    • White men responded less than every other group of males.

    Check out the original post for many more findings.


    How we spend our day

    Check out this great interactive visualization from the New York Times that shows how American's spend each minute of their day.


    What's the Difference? Humans vs. Animals infographic.

    I ran across this great inforgraphic comparing human traits to animal traits.  Very cool!


    Mechanical Turk Revenue

    From his analysis they vary from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand on an average day. Check out the full post for more info.