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    Sony to Send QRIOs Back In Time; Hunt Down Steve Jobs

    INFO TECHNOLOGY: Peter Rojas at Engadget finally goes all out on formerly-great Sony. Awesome.

    SONY WHAT ARE YOU DOING? To us Sony is now officially in bizzaro world, where up is down, left is right and where people might still use Mini-Disc. We hate to say it, but here it is, Sony- we think you had a shot at reclaiming your birthright that Apple yoinked away, the Walkman, any day now we were expected a 100 GB MP3/Ogg player with an amazing sleek design, way less expensive than an iPod, we expected Sony to take the bold step and say “Hey, we’re done with Memory Stick, ATRAC and Mini-Disc for music, here we are now, check out our new device”. But no- Sony is running around updating the Mini-Disc. C’mon Sony, you dumped the CLIE how about killing off Mini-Disc, the world will cheer you on, well maybe not the dozen or so die hard Mini-Disc folks, but if you’re going to market share, there are more people who buy vinyl than Mini-Disc, at least consider a cool record player or something. Maybe Sony plans to send back the QRIOs back in time to hunt down Steve Jobs- Sarah Connor style once the QRIOs get more AI, we really can’t figure it out.

    Amen, brother!

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