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    Money (The Proper Noun, not the Noun)

    INTERFACES: Of all of the bad interfaces Microsoft has ever made (yeah, including Microsoft Bob) Money has to be among the worst.

    (By the way, Microsoft, you really need to come up with a new way of naming programs and projects. I'm so fucking sick of the literalness of programs called Word, Money, Explorer, Internet Explorer, Word, and Project. It's just not ok unless it's a tiny app, like Calculator. Why not add a little character to your programs' names like you did with Excel, and Visio (well, I know you didn't come up with Visio's name, but still, good job)?)

    Wow, a double parenthetical digression. Yikes! I apologize, but it had to be said.

    Back to Money's interface, look at this train wreck! Every time I open it to do simple stuff like balance my checkbook or check my investments -- stuff that should take a few simple clicks -- I'm greeted with this migraine inducing salmagundi. (10 point word, w00t!)

    This is nothing short of gratuitous orgy of links and graph congestion. Who knew there was so much to be done! Here's a nice little outtake of some of my Money options (yes these really are on the money front-page):

    * Calculate the value of kitchen remodeling. (Money, you know I rent! Tease!)

    * See how much you can save (Save on what? How much I could put in savings? I've no clue...)

    * Should you change your IRA to a Roth? (Good question, too bad I have a 401k, not an IRA. Again, you should know this, Money!)

    * Estimate my home's value (I rent, Money, I rent.)

    * Tax IQ Test (Yay! Tax test! How fun is that?)

    * How do I improve my Lifetime Plan? (Um, I have a Lifetime plan?)

    * Is it time to refinance? (God, I'm fucked, I don't own and I don't have a lifetime plan. Where am I going in life?!? I'm so depressed. I hate you, Money.)

    Gah, what a mess. And yes, I could get rid a lot of these options, but I shouldn't have to. Does anyone know if Apple makes a money program? I would love to buy it if it makes finances as easy as it makes MP3 management.

    Moral of the story: everyone needs an editor. Even UI designers.

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    Reader Comments (2)

    Unforunately, no, Apple does not make a "Money-like" program. That said, there are some great third party programs for Mac OS X (and one that runs on Windows as well) to manage your money with.

    The most notable, I think, is iCash. It runs on both Mac and Windows and is easy to use and fairly beautiful as well.

    iBank and "Money" (from Jumsoft, not Microsoft) are the other two. Both are fairly nice though I've found iBank a bit less easy-to-use than Money--and iCash, for that matter. iCash and Money both take advantage of Panther and don't attempt to use the brushed metal look.

    Give 'em a go. You'll probably end up with iCash in the end though...


    August 31, 2004 | Unregistered CommenterSamuel Sidler

    Thanks for the tip!

    September 2, 2004 | Unregistered Commenterjuliuss

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