AssembleMe is an information science blog written by Julius Schorzman that frequently sways off-topic.

Julius is the CEO of the Google Ventures backed company DailyCred. DailyCred makes working with OAuth super duper simple.

To view some of my old projects, visit Shopobot or CodeCodex.

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    Average length of tenure per leader since 1945


    Strange Maps -- Is there a blog about everything yet?

    INFO VISUALIZATION: I just found a great new blog called Strange Maps. The title says it all -- give it a look!

    Astute readers may notice that I've been deeplinking images on my last few posts. For shame! I know -- it's a nasty practice. Unfortunately I'm sans-Photoshop on this computer and I haven't been able to move the images over and format them correctly. I'm going to try and revisit soon from my home computer and update the links.